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Originally Posted by Randy H View Post
How many craftsmen buy the cheapest tools available? They can't afford to.

I do buy some things from harbor freight. Heck I get a free tarp almost every week.

The larger wire machine, looks decent and the stick/tig inverter is nifty. Heard good things about their plasma cutters.

The ac flux cored machine has its place. I'm not such a jerk that I'll pick on innocent bystanders. However there are alot of pics posted on this forum that clearly demonstrate that the weldor responsible, if not the welder, should not weld on kart frame.

Function Artist.
I must say you make some cool stuff. I imagine you can take a torch and and the dreaded coat hangar wire and do an admirable job.
Thank you, Thank you very much!

As for HF, There are many reasons to buy cheaper tools.

Affordability, Not sure if this will be a long term activity, or in my case...

My shop has been broken into & cleaned out several times.

Little , that's why there's green paint all over my tool boxes in some of my pics.

After I secured all doors & windows, the little started coming through the roof.

The whole place is alarmed now but, still leary.

As for the craftsmen, Lots of folks have their "fish stories", just gotta use common sense.

Practice makes perfect or at least well practiced.

That's what DIY is all about, tinkering around with stuff.

At least their trying! doing! creating! & sharing.

This place is like guys hangin' out in the garage tinkerin' & shootin the

Analyze, Advise maybe even needle a bit but, Please don't criticize!

You sound like a smart guy, some folks just have a hard way of showing it.

As for the torch idea: Ya, probably if I put my mind to it!

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