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Default I'm ready to flip out!!!

OK, my mini bike project should have been finished 2 weeks ago. I THOUGHT I wanted to stay with the engine that came with it. What a **** mistake!!!

Let me know where I did stupid stuff as you read through this.

I pulled the carb off, the shroud off, the gas tank, exhaust, head, and flywheel off. I bonded the magnets back on the flywheel with JB weld. I order a new head gasket using the numbers off the shroud... I get the head gasket and it's too small. I'm figuring it's a 5hp shroud on a 3 or 3.5 hp engine, who knows. ****, for all I know now, it could be a **** 2hp. But, that was the only number I could find. I'm ****ed, but oh well.

I cleaned the carb which wasn't all that dirty, but it was missing the main mixture screw at the bottom of the bowl. So I just figured, WTH, I'll just buy a new carb and be done with it. I find a number on the carb... 580 8h28 and proceed to check out ebay and Amazon for a new one. I type in the number and it takes me to every Tecumseh carb but what I need, and none of them reference my number. I go to some tech site to see if I can cross reference my number with... ?
I get a list of 50,000,000 Tecumseh carb numbers for various carb parts... I assume, but my number isn't there. WTH becomes WTF!!!

I did see a few carbs that looked like mine, but the descriptions said they were for larger engines.

Jump in here at any point.

My brain hurts from spending a couple hours on my search. I NEED HELP... PALEEEZE!!!

BTW... the engine is looking really pretty.