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Ok, so I did get a bunch more done over the weekend.
That is if you can call a bunch of red pen scribbling all over my plans of more changes and refinements.
I reshaped the lower portion of the seat back to include a portion of a bulkhead for that area. I also reshaped the seat bottom side bolsters and they will now have a lightening hole in them. I also made sure the any other lightening holes were sized correctly to double as access to get to fasteners. I also came up with a plan on how to flange the holes for added strength.

I also started coming up with a plan for the replaceable bumpers that also double as frame strengtheners for the areas around the front and rear axles.

One of the cooler things I designed was a pedal system that, if it works out the way I hope, will allow about 6 inches or so of pedal placement adjustability.

And as the weekend was winding down, I plunked myself in front of the laptop and had a little fun in Adobe Illustrator.

Thanks for looking in....more to come.