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Old 10-11-2019, 11:13 AM
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Default Go kart cutting out

Hi all, got a kart from a buddy so i slapped a predator 212 on it and sent it. Removed govenor(not the gear just top part on motor), but anyway she ran like a scalded dog for a day or two then noticed once it started to warm up(few laps in) it would have a loss in power(especially cornering) and if you come down to a slow it would want to shut off and would shut off if you let it go to idle. I changed plug to the autolite racing plug 3910x or whatever, drilled some holes in the gas cap for venting, helped for a little then started doing it again, cut off this last time and wont crank for nothing(itll hit for a sec then die again). It is very very dusty where I am racing, you clap air filter and it shoots dust in your face lol, could this problem be dust whatever has gotten into the carb? I am thinking about upgrading to the stage 1 kit for the predator. Changed oil in motor, looked good no metal, no crazy sounds coming from motor, this is my only thought is carb is dirty. What do you think?
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I wouldn't do a racing plug. They are generally hotter and can result in detonatoon or other problems.
Try a new OEM plug.
And yes, make sure the carb and air filter is clear, if they're full of dust it'll restrict it, resulting in a rich mixture, whcih could cause those problems.
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