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Old 04-12-2019, 07:04 PM
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Default Matching drive sprocket with clutch sprocket

So I have a drift trike that has a 9 horsepower motor I want to know what tooth sprockets would work best in collaborations for producing higher or better acceleration off the line?
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What is the weight, tire size and desired speed. And, I'd hate to sound like a jerk, but

So, please, elaborate on the trike, and add some pictures. They make it so much easier.

PS: typically the lower you gear, the more torque, and the better the acceleration. But eventually, you're turning max rpm, and going nowhere.
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Assuming 11" slicks and a fairly standard sized drift trike..

I'd say 5:1 and sleeves on a cent clutch should do well
On a TC you can go higher (3.5:1 and sleeves)

both will break traction with sleeves easily if you throttle up

But I recommend using split sprockets on the rear with a matching hub of course;
that way you can dial in the exact ratio as you go..
having a good ratio is -well- good; but having the ideal ratio is even better.
and that can only be found with experimentation
add a few teeth if you lack torque, remove a few if it's too much
until you can break free on throttle command and can stop the drift whenever you want.

that depends on weight as much as it does on engine power.
(how big's your butt?)

So yeah get a good starting point and if you feel you would need to adjust in either direction, buy a set of split sprockets and retry.
(don't forget to have enough chain )

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Doesn't matter what ratio if you hot-rod up that 9hp. motor and are using a #35 chain. I'm hotted up to 12+ hp. on my Predator, and it snaps #35 chain like a Twizzler rope. Go to a #41 chain and sprockets now, you won't regret it later. Itsid is right to suggest an easy and fast way to change sprockets. Start with a huge ratio though, say 10/72, and see if it slides too much. You can then change to 10/60 for less slide, more speed.
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^ I can’t take all this bad advice any more.
#41 isn’t any stronger than #35.
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