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Default Electric Offroad Scooter Build Help

Long time member (10 years?) but haven't been active in years due to other hobbies and family obligations. As the title says I am working on building an off road scooter and would like it to be electric. #1 Because of the noise level and #2 Because I would like something that I can put on my hitch cargo carrier and not have to take a trailer for an ATV.

I am planning on using one of the eBay 48v 1800w motor/control kits paired with four 12v 20amp batteries. 14" wheels/tires off of a Chinese 50cc atv.

I'm gonna try for 6 or 7:1 gearing, will that be plenty of torque to take me anywhere I would want to drive a scooter or should I plan on having a jack shaft and lower gearing? I don't care about going more than 15-20mph I want plenty of torque and battery life.

These motors say 4500rpm on the side of them but I am assuming that is with no load and with load I will see more like 3000rpms?

I've read that a 12v lead acid battery should not be discharged below 10.5v or it can be damaged. So should I be able to run until the battery pack reads 42v or is it more complicated than that?

Any help is appreciated and I look forward to your input!
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