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Old 09-14-2016, 10:41 PM
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My neck hurts!
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Default Actually

It took about a month to build. Just got frustrated cause some of my pics won't work in this site. I use an iPad I have about 100 pics of the build as it went along. Yes it was started before I joined here but wasn't complete yet. We finished it up last Thursday and we raced it on Saturday. Had a few problems in the heat race the throttle cable slipped out of its housing and we couldn't make the whole race. We got about 5 laps in. When it came to the feature we was last in the grid of 5 and he drove his heart out and made a first place finish. I own a welding and fab company where I manufacture a no jack knife trailer called smart trailers look them up very unique and my partner Steve has a fab shop also he builds dirt track chassis for cars. So we came together to build this neat little mower you see here. We had such great response from it we decided to start a new venture in the world of mower racing so we started a little side company called Midwestracingchassis and started a Facebook page 2 days ago and have had great interest from others about what we can build. So yeah 41 min to build no sir. Thanks
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Dam , I thought I worked fast. Henry Ford would be proud. Lol
Old 09-15-2016, 03:21 PM
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I like it. It has a cool overall vibe, and some real nice fab work. Well done.
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take a video of it in action. we all love videos!!
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Haha. And yeah I do like it alot. I have posted with a iPad also. It only does one at a time chase if the format of the iPad. And good luck.

And what he said. We all love videos.
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