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Old 12-11-2018, 09:31 PM
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Default ISO/WTB vintage DINO parts

I picked a kart for my e-kart project. The frame says DINO 288 CIK 81.
Unfortunately it is not complete and I believe some parts are not original. I would love to restore it as close to the original state as possible (except for the internal combustion motor )
So I am looking for the following parts:
Missing ones:
1. Brakes: master cylinder, slave cylinder
2. Pedals: both sides
3. Seat brackets/seat
Non-original ones:
4. Axle, hubs and wheels - Axle is regular 1 1/4" with alloy hubs with US bolt pattern. Wheels are two piece alloy with US bolt pattern. From what I saw original Dino wheels are magnesium gold color ones, so I believe the whole axle is not original.

Few shots of the frame:
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Dino00.jpg   Dino01.jpg  

Dino02.jpg   Dino03.jpg  

Old 12-12-2018, 11:59 AM
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IIRC 288 means 27mm chassis made in 1988

fortunately none of the parts you listed are actually dino specific,
apart from the old school mag wheels.
The Superwheels (the gold ones) are pricey let's say, and the silver ones (still magnesium) not exactly cheap either.

Personally I'd go for a Righetti Ridolfi list of spares (italian kart part manufacturer)
they make all you need: axles, bearing retainers, spindles, brakes, seats struts and wheels...
(talking of which, their MAR/V wheels are not too far from the Dino design)

You can try the raceshop.dino.dk website for Dino parts (but frankly.. looking at the generic parts on that site.. that's Righetti Ridolfi almost all the way anyways)

used parts are likely to show up on ebay (like the vintage golden mag wheels)

UNfortunately IDK what kind of brake manufacturer was originally on DINO karts back then
(heck I couldn't even tell what's it be today!)
We might be able to find a similar kart and go from there,

but be aware that race karts with a somewhat serious race driver is as custom as possible.
some racers prefer a specific seat some insist on a specific brand brake
So there might be some inconsistencies amongst found Dino karts of that era.

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