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Default NEW- Rules For Sale/Trade Ads

First things first - you must have registered, and posted twice before you'll be allowed to post in the For Sale section.


Folks, please have a read through these rules before posting in the For Sale Or Trade section. Thank you for your co-operation and support.

1. PRICE IS A MUST. That means no MAKE ME AN OFFER posts. No price is needed if its a TRADE only ad.

2. LOCATION is a must. If it's in Gabbersville, PUT located in Gabbersville. If you FILL IN your location in your profile it will show up and you won't need to worry about it

3. If you are NOT interested in the item for sale, DO NOT reply to the post.
That means no "Bump for a good guy" "thats a pile of ****" That is WAY too high of a price" replies.

The ONLY exception to this rule is if the SELLER is a known con artist, bad seller, etc. If this is the case you may ONLY post a link to the Seller review.
Example: If someone posts a for sale ad, it is ok to post a link to the topic discussing the bad practices. NOTHING ELSE!!!!!

4. You may bump your OWN thread once per week. Any more than that and your post WILL be deleted no exceptions!

5. EDIT the TITLE of your thread to say SOLD once your item has been sold.

6. ANYONE who's first post is a FOR SALE ad, or who posts a for sale ad within 24hrs of registering WILL BE REMOVED! This website IS NOT craigslist, you can peddle your goods for free there. ***For Clarification- The intention of this rule is NOT so you make one useless post somewhere and then are free to flog your junk. This For Sale section is intended to be used for and by contributing DIYGK members in good standing. If you wish to be a contributing member, then join up and post, by all means. If you're just here to buy/sell/trade, try CL***

7. WANTED ads are subject to the above rules. Include your own location (if not in your profile), the price range or trade you're willing to make and exactly what it is you're after. Please also make the appropriate edits once you've gotten what you're looking for.

There will be ZERO tolerance on these rules. If the for sale ad doesn't have price or location it will be REMOVED. If you post in a for sale ad, and you have no intentions to BUY, the post will be removed and you will recieve a warning. Third warning will get you banned from the classified section of the site.


Take pics, describe the item, mention about how much shipping would cost. There is no cost to sell something, but we ask that you keep the items related to auto / karting.


Please exercise COMMON SENSE. Look out for SCAMS.

Request extra PHOTOS if there is any doubt.

Click on a seller's name, and you can see a list of all posts that a user has made here. Use common sense. If they joined yesterday, haven't posted ever, only post generic responses - be AWARE.

Please report spam and possible scams to the Moderators.

All buying in selling is unregulated by DIYgokarts.com. We do our best to keep out the riff-raff, but make no guarantee to any offer.
Treat it as you would an aircraft frame and you should have no problems. -Name Withheld
The Manual- "Just the manufacturer's opinion of how to put this together."- Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor
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