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Old 09-20-2011, 04:33 PM
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Default Custom Clutches Available

I has a talk with Jim Donovan today at Max-Torque LTD today, because I needed yo order a couple of custom clutches for my West Bend 820 with 5/8 to 9/16 stepped shaft.
Long story short he knew exactly what I was talking about, and exactly what I needed, he is a very smart guy and know his ****z.

We also talked a bit about other things, and talked about the Maxtorque's line of clutches, and torque converters.

Jim tells me in his words "I can make a clutch for any application."

So for you guys that are coming up with odd ball size PTO's or you need a custom clutch for your project, even custom tooth count contact Jim I'm sure he can hook you up with what ever you need.

Here's his contact info.
James F. Donovan
Max-Torque, LTD.
2180 Corporate Lane
Naperville, IL 60563
Phone: (630) 369-9600
Fax: (630) 369-9686
Website: www.maxtorque.com
Email: jim@maxtorque.com

Just an FYI custom clutches depending on what your need are, will cost you a bit more than an off the shelf clutch, the two I ordered cost me $160 each + shipping, but he did tell me that they would ship out today, now that's fast service.

Mods you may want to sticky this for other people looking for custom clutch applications for their projects.

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