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Old 04-05-2019, 10:02 PM
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warped bed?
that doesn't sound too good the PEI or the pcb heater itself?
have you tried releasing lateral tension byallowing the mounting screws to float laterally in larger holes [using washers to prevent them from dropping/pushing through of course]
or flattening it (heating it up to max between two known flats and letting it cool under some serious load)
If bad comes to worse, you can always buy a Mk3 reprap heatbed (alu)
it will fit the Prusa I bet.. and in case it's not perfectly flat,
you can equip the printer with a height level sensor scanning the metal printbed and adjusting the layerheight accordingly where neccessary

if the print still sticks when cooled down I can just remove the glass bed and run it under some water;
using water soluble glue.. and I can remove the stickiest most delicate parts without any effort; just patience

But yeah next bed might be PEI for testing (or flex steel if I can find such thing around)

As I said I never was a fan of rafts myself,
my printbed is rather flat
I get a miniscule heightdifference over the printbed (+0.05mm) but just in a small area
Since that's way less than a layer height I can live with that
And sticking parts to it is only a matter of good preparation
So I see no reason wasting material on rafts (or time for that matter.. )
And since they failed me before (on a much less sophisticated printer) I'm certainly biased

Trying yet another tape ?! IDK I'd rather not tbh...
I'm happy with the glue, it requires some prepwork that gets old rather quickly if printing several parts a day,
but it works well, is reliable and consumables are insanely cheap
(6 large sticks for 2 bucks last for a mighty long time)

A "print, take off, print next" surface is what I'm really after
So thanks for confirming that PEI does NOT need to be wiped down every single time
I'd try that if I can..
spring steel also tickles me alot tbh I have my doubts but with a nice #00 steel wool wipedown I assume it might be grippy enough and leave a nice surface finish
since I actually don't like the glass gloss finish too much
I'm a fan of the woven satin finish of clean layered sidewalls ..

Ah well I'm getting finicky here...

Jokes about german sausage are the wurst.
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