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Old 08-10-2019, 12:43 AM
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Originally Posted by gegcorp2012 View Post
Nice progress so far. Classic Briggs are cool and there are some motor guys that love the flathead.

I like how you used a flipped front axle to lower it. Cool idea that I have not seen before.

Are you planning to adjust the camber on the front wheels so the tread is flat to the ground ?

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I need to get some good tires on the front first but I do intend on fixing it, unless new tires correct it enough. I was thinking about taking the crank out of the extra 5hp flathead I have and using it in the 3hp I have to attempt a small stroker engine. Even if I'm forced to use a honda or clone to finish the build, it will have a flathead as a permanent solution, the little stroker may be fun if it works out. I'm hoping the front axle doesn't sit entirely too low, but I could shim the rear axle to level the frame a bit if needed, engine plate will go in last so I can easily make that adjustment if so.
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