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Old 01-13-2014, 08:13 PM
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Default New guy & new ride - KenBar Jeep Streaker

Howdy folks!

Great forum you have here. I'm a Jeep guy new to the kart game.

I just picked up this KenBar JP-8E Streaker kart - for a slew of reasons, it's the only one I wanted.

While I'd say it's in good shape, it's not all the way where I want it to be.

I'm looking for anybody with knowledge of the KenBar stuff, as of course they a long out of business. I get the impression that this was not a popular model, and made in limited numbers, but I don't know.

I have so, so, so many questions it's silly.

I think I have the steering sorted out, but it needs some toe-in. I think its actually toe-out right now - but that's an easy fix. Although, at speed, it seems that you could turn the wheels so far that the one side would lift, or maybe even flip. It's no longer so squirrely, but it seems capable of very sharp turns.

Pretty sure it's a Comet 30 attached to the 5-horse Honda. I have no frame of reference to tell if it is engaging correctly or not. It gets up and goes, but there is lag - I assume a part of that is normal, but again, i don't know how much. I guess I should take it off and clean it up - I have read the sticky in the engine section.

Aside from eliminating the low oil shut-off (which I have read about), the wiring is hacked up. I have to choke it to kill the engine - not ideal. It has lights, that I assume were connected to the engine, but those wires were disconnected. What the black one coming from near the carb?

I may just pick up a Predator 212 since they are $99 right now, and tune up the Honda as a spare.

While they don't wiggle, the front bearings feel like you are grinding rocks. Are the bearings a "standard" part? Where can I buy new ones?

This has dual read discs, which work, but the calipers (one more so that the other) seems to float more than I thought it should. Some of the cable force moves the calipers a bit instead of applying pressure. Again, I know what it should be like on my Jeep, but not on a Kart.

While I did not take a pic, this axle does have a differential. It does not act like a true open diff, should it? Is that bad too? can I rebuild it?

Ultimately, I want this to be safe for my 8-year old to drive. Thanks the the seat that moves 7" we both fit in it comfortably. But do to his age, top speed is not my main priority - just safe and reliable.

The body IS coming off soon, so that I can get to all of this stuff better, and clean up and paint some surface rust.

Need to clean it a bit more, I drove it home in a pouring rain storm, and the roads still had tons of salt/grit/sand, which kicked up into the trailer, which has a metal mesh floor.

Thanks so much for any help you can give me & for the great forum.

PS: Here is why I wanted this Kart for my kids - My ride

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