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Old 07-29-2020, 06:15 PM
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Default Harbor Freight Jack Stand Recall

NOT a good deal.

So I'm sure a bunch of you, like me, had some of these recalled stands. I used them for a buggy that I no longer have. Mine were stolen, so I never brought them back. Anyway, looking for a set for my car now.

If you brought them back, did you get credit or did they give you the new jack stands? I was going to look at the new ones, but my local store said the new ones they got were the same as the recalled ones. I was told the new ones were coming soon.

Anybody have experience with the recall? Or the quality of the new jack stands if they were available elsewhere? Either the aluminum "racing" or the "heavy duty"? I think the new ones are both 3 ton, but not sure. I know the $50 aluminum stands are 3 ton.
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