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Old 10-08-2007, 06:02 PM
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Default I'm The Electric Vehicles Guy, and I'm back, for the third time

The Story Of My Life {Read It}
Okay, just to get this straight, I am matt50. Not matt5. And definetely not matt. I'm the same guy. I'm that 14 year old kid who came in not knowing a thing about karts. I was quite nieve. A year ago, I forgot my password to matt. I couldn't access my account. Because I was lazy {and still am} I just created a new account called matt5. With my new account, which lasted for months, through school science fair hassles {remember, robertdjung} and just a general lack of great skill at fun-vehicle-building, I began a long and tiresome obsession with electric vehicles. I thought of making an electric car or go kart, but in the end settled on an electric bicycle. I got close enough to ordering hundreds of dollars in parts for my bike, it was great fun. The bike was great even without the motor, for about two weeks. Then I realized I had bought a chinese, no name {parts with names I can't pronounce or ever hope to locate, lol} P.O.S. that was hardly roadworthy. It was by no means electric bike material. 125 of my precious dollars wasted on a stupid bike. The bike ironically broke down about the same day I had this revelation. After taking apart the entire rear hub, and finding everything to be trashed, my dad had had it with the bike. He suggested strongly that I throw it out. I looked at it with hope, until I tried to spin it. It was beyond hope, from my perspective. In a surge of frustration and adrenaline, I threw it into the dumpster at my town dump. After that, I got kind of depressed. School went really lousy for me. I had hardly any friends. And I gave up on vehicle-building. I gave up for so long that when I finally remembered that I had a DIY account, I couldn't find my password. That was in July of this year. I forgot about all my vehicle aspirations, forever. I had a great summer, and then school came around. Lucky for me, I got into a great new school. That was a month ago. I had turned 15, and I put behind me my struggles with school and fun-vehicles. I have been unstoppable since. I am now pursuing a gas go-kart to run through my backyard, and I am preparing to fix up my first car-to-be during the winter. As a gearhead, I am at an all-time high. I am having a great time in school, between the relatively fun curriculum, new friends, and extracurricular activities. I'm in several school clubs. My favorite is the small engine repair class. We just rip stuff apart and try to salvage what we can to get them running. Eventually. Oh yeah, my main hobbies:
Auto repair {now, more than ever}
Tinkering in the shop
White Water Rafting
Shotgun Skeet Shooting
Dancing {no, not seriously, just for fun and dates on occasion} {cough, cough, I do have a girlfriend}
Playing baseball, basketball, and matball {a real game, no joke} on occasion
Computer in general
Watching TV
That's about it.
And by the way, I suggested to robertdjung that he create an electric vehicles forum. For all of you out there who take the step to go electric and make totally awesome vehicles, keep up the good work!
I will now be posting almost exclusively to the karting forum, so be prepared. I am now making some serious vehicles. I will no longer waste your precious time. I hope I can help out all of you guys who are starting out after I finish my kart, I would really love to benefit you guys and say "I was once in the same boat as you".
Feels great to be back in the saddle,
alias matt5
alias matt
Old 10-08-2007, 11:20 PM
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*wipes tears from eyes*

So much emotion in that story, I felt as if you were talking about me... LOL not really, but keep up the good work!
Old 10-10-2007, 11:01 AM
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welcome back!
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