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Old 07-28-2020, 12:31 PM
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Default Tractor guys thread

To not clog up the quick bits thread with tractor things put it here instead.

Heres my old craftsman glass headlights, phone charger port, custom fenders, cupholder, side shaft 10hp tecumseh flathead, and tractor treaded tires. I did no work to it yet but plan on a engine swap as the motor on it wasnt taken well care of gets no spark and has a bad headgasket. So im putting my points type 10hp tecumseh flathead
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I gotta fix my flathead collection
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Old 07-28-2020, 06:46 PM
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We definitely need more pics of that old girl BGK!

Well, my first entry is my 1969 MTD Seven Hundred with the original 7hp Briggs and Stratton flathead! It has a Peerless 1205 transaxle (3 speed w/reverse) and funny enough I can actually shift the gears similar to a car! The only things actually wrong with it is the original carb (had to replace it until I can spare the time to properly rebuild it), can't find the proper air cleaner for it, crap tires all around, snowblower fuel tank (can't find an original) and that awful (John Deere) paint job! But I love this old beast and put it work often, I hope to one day straiten the hood and paint the whole body/frame with some dark metallic green I have around.

Here's some photos of how I discovered it, when I was working on it in the spring to get it running and a couple I took today for this post.
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Old 07-31-2020, 08:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Budget GoKart View Post
So im putting my points type 10hp tecumseh flathead
Nice, I have an appreciation for old Tecumseh engines, after being a small engine tec. I still want to build a performance medium frame OHV.

Here's a kohler command 22hp 674cc commercial twin I am putting in my cub 1811, my local parts store had bowtie breather caps on clearance @ $3 , and since it is a mismatch of junkyard parts, even different cyl heads, helicoils involved, I had to put a skinny dipstick sidecover on it, that requires a valve cover oil fill. Most have rocker arm driven fuel pumps on them, so I used courage tin valve covers, and modified them. I like pulse pumps better, less likely to flood crankcase, and less valvetrain drag. My kart's getting a dual pulse mikuni pump upgrade.

So yeah, Ill probably cut grass with it after the deck is restored, and might put an original chain/ shaft drive single stage snowblower on it.
And yes I have the original engine side covers. Waiting on some parts from jack's small engine.
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Ok, ill bite.

First is my 1978 kubota b7100, 3 cyl diesel. Works harder than i expected...but still not big enough. Lifts about 800lbs with 600lbs of counter weight on rear...already rebuilt the steering box once 🥴

Next is the 1977 john deere 300. My dad bought it shortly after i was born. It went through a flood in 2011, sat till 2017, and ive slowely been restoring it. The frame, axles, and steering column are orig. I rebuilt the transmission. The body panels and engine are from a 314 doner.

Last is a 1968 ford lt120, with a 2011 briggs 18hp v twin....on its second tranny, does wheelies for days, and about 25mph in 3rd.

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