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Old 11-13-2019, 06:02 PM
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Originally Posted by slowJEEP View Post
37. Have wanted to build a cart for 30 years. Finally at a point where I can dedicate resources to it. Did the Baja SAE thing in college.

Jim in Florida
Those Baja buggies that colleges and universities have built for the competition are awesome! That's what has been my inspiration for my future build. The rules for it are a great outline for builders I think.
In the age of information, ignorance is a choice.
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i'm between cat 2 and 3. But its been slow karting latly. ill probably kick back in at 50
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Originally Posted by anickode View Post
Age 16-21 too many fun new things happening in life to be worried about go karts... Driving, gambling, drinking, women, etc.

Well... i'm 21, only drove an go-kart once (it was an off-road one, in a shopping center's parking lot, about 2007-2008), always wanted a go-kart for me, i don't have drivers license, never drove a real car, i've tried to learn how to drive a motorcycle with my father but i was unsure about that, so i stopped. I'm broke since 2018 because i can't find any job
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Solid category 3. 63 years old. Still feel young. Weigh what i did in high school. Mostly into airplanes. I currently own 13 of them. And 10 cars 16 motorcycles 5 karts and on and on. It takes 6 hangers to do stupid crap like this. I probably will never retire. So it is possible to stay a kid forever.
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Been about 6 months, i can say I really like the format, young and old working together for fun. I was blessed with a smart alike dad, that drove my need for speed. Had been racing and bmx trick riding for several years. Even sent pictures into bmx plus magazine.
The smart part was I wanted a motorcycle! Mom said "no we are not buying him a motorcycle" she was an ER nurse.
So I was 13 or so, drove dad to somewhere outside of tidewater and he filled the back of the blazer up with a frame,fenders and 6 or so milk crates of parts. We stopped at auto store, he bought a manual and a $9.99 tool set, you gotta fix it to ride it.

Oh and mom was !+@$2 ****ed

Next thing you now, 6 months later I was terrorizing Godsnell hope park in Hampton VA with my buddies

Thank God they didnt take riffraff to jail in 1984 riding dirtbikes on city streets...

Great forum folks
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