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Old 06-07-2018, 09:14 PM
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Default And so it begins...

So lil life update before we start is Escapade. I no longer have the shop, new owner put it under in a matter of 2 months, and now I'm no longer blessed by 12yrs of savings. So now I'm stuck teaching 15-17yo kids to learn how to adult (Automotive Collision Repair) at the very school I went to. But perks to that are free labor on my car being cleaned and detailed. Moved into a new house I lived in LOOOOOONG ago, turned out most of it needed to be replaced, so that syphoned most of the savings but I did manage to find a few things I completely forgot about. One of which is the centerpiece of this post.

The restoration of the one piece of crap that never wanted to work right even if everybody made it... my childhood playground... I give to you...Bobet. This big ol' b**** has been sitting behind that very same treeline for the past 20 years rotting away. Digging through the wall I found her under a lot of mud and rubble. Granted she looks a lot different from when I last saw her and she's missing a few pieces but that's what death wheels and sandpaper are for. The deck (Weighing in at 216lbs) was never recovered but this is a good start.

Hopefully she'll cooperate. 1977 MTD 145-990 16HP Agway Edition. Original Purchase by my grandparents @ Campell's Agway & True Value in Winslow Maine in 1978 for $1,943.72 w/ Auger, Snowblower, and front bucket attachments.

Today vs Sept 1996
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Awe crap totally forgot I gotta guy coming 800 miles away from Texas today to pick up a gilson. Thanks for posting this!
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