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Old 05-15-2015, 08:26 PM
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Default 2015 - "Alumaflyer"

Well here goes nothing.

Karting as re-sunk its teeth pretty deep in me this time around.

This build off couldnt come at a better time.

I have an idea for a little nostalgic-ish styled kart, with roots firmly planted in fun, but maybe you will see a bit of racing fertilizer sprinkled here and there in the soil.

Here are the required pictures and what I literally have as far as parts for the kart....which at the moment is virtually nothing.

But what I do have is a basic design that I drew less than a week ago, and few lunch hours worth of time at the computer I have come up with a preliminary layout of the parts required for the majority of the......wait for it.....
Aluminum Monocoque Chassis.
A bit of inspiration has indeed come from the Gilman Excalibur and the Rathmann Xterminator, of the 60's but it will certainly not be a copy of either.

The pics.

First up will be a paper mock up so I can determine how things will work together, (I had actually done this last night and made numerous subtle changes today on the computer and printed out a new pattern for tonight)

Thanks for looking in folks....this should be a wild ride.

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