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Old 07-05-2019, 07:56 AM
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Default CT200U-EX | Torque Converter | Gearing Question

I have a CT200U-EX and have a "eBay China Special" torque converter on there. I have kept the rear 50T sprocket and purchased a 8T sprocket for the TC jackshaft. If my math is correct that is a 1:6.25 ratio with 19" original tires. It is running the Hemi 212 Predator with governor still in tact and right now has no problem getting to 40mph.

I used the china original belt on it (I know bad stuff) and it lasted all of two hours riding, it has a Comet belt on there now but I am concerned my gearing is too tall for me. This said I have plenty of weight to loose, as a 270lb rider I am way over what this bike is rated for but so far it is working like a champ.

I know the china belts are crap but with my weight and 19in wheels should I try and see if I can get a bigger rear sprocket? My biggest concern is to not make it a wheelie machine, and with the 8T/50T combo it is very manageable.

I just wanted the interwebs opinion on what they would do.


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