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Old 08-12-2019, 09:17 PM
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Default Trailmaster, Coleman-Tear axle size

Ok folks. I need some help. Looking at online retailers and OEM parts manuals both the trailmaster Mb200 and the Coleman ct200u list the rear axle as 14mm in diameter. The rear wheel on both list 6202RS bearings. These bearings are 15mm.

I have a coleman wheel sitting here and the 14mm axle. The axle isnít wven close to a slip fit...it drops straight through with clearance 360 degrees around. (Obviously, since itís a 14mm axle in a 15mm bearing)

I called Coleman and they said 14mm is correct.

The only company that says it is NOT correct is GPS. They state it is 15mm axle, but that they donít have any.

Does anyone know what the heck the deal is? Why did Coleman and Trailmaster both use 14mm axles in a 15mm bearing? I can see nothing but problems from this.

Does anyone know where to purchase a 15mm axle that is 330mm long? It should be available everywhere but it is not listed anywhere that I can find except GPS. GPS lists the same part number as the 14mm bolt, but states it is 15mm.

If anyone can make sense of this to me I would be greatful. I have 2 factory new Coleman wheels with factory 15mm bearings that I need axles for.

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