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Old 05-19-2019, 02:52 PM
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Default FINISHED!! Manco 606 Magnum

Here is the kart I just finished rebuilding
It’s a Manco 606 which I bought from a friend for $50 with a running ex17, Comet 30 series, and good condition tires

What has been fixed:
Front shocks replaced(rear ones were fine)
New front tires
Seat reupholstered
Driver headrest reupholstered
Brakes rebuilt
New kill switch
Retractable seat belts rebuilt and tightened
Comet 30 series cleaned and springs/buttons replaced
Paint was faded and old, so instead of repainting I got out polishing compound and went over all of the painted surfaces

What is new:
Briggs XR950 series. (A clone 208cc engine sold by Briggs)
Stage one mods- air filter, jet, header
Govoner removed
Engine painted
Correct belt
All around bearings, including tc bearings
Seat vinyl
Kill switch and wires
Brake pads
Front tires
Front shocks

As for the Subaru engine it was put on another kart which I will be posting shortly, I went ahead and rebuilt it with everything except bearings, the ones in were fine.
Now I forgot to take pictures throughout the entire “restoration” or else I would have posted, so this is the completed kart, hauls around two 150lbs boys just fine, haven’t measured top speed yet
Attached Thumbnails
58F45B48-1D46-494B-8CD4-0E07AAD11211.jpg   1AF6B73A-C1F8-4A6D-B99F-835B8DDB0B68.jpg  

42999C35-A452-4E61-922C-BA440E1848E8.jpg   2FCFCA6F-3FFB-458A-B75E-1FB9D58F32AD.jpg  

FDC6AA76-A342-4859-9521-29B0A4F52BF0.jpg   49C7C859-3C6C-4A70-BE2A-4ABD0887DB95.jpg  

A53ACE3B-C3F7-40D8-BD5D-AA802997D841.jpg   C30BF153-53F7-414A-927D-DE9B23300A13.jpg  

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Hey man, I like your approach. Fix what needs fixing and everything else replace it or do as desired or "to your liking".

I have also just polished/waxed/buffed old paint on bikes and go karts instead of repainting. Just a little elbow grease goes a long long way to making things spiffy again.

In fact what I have been using is Meguiar's Scratch X 2.0 which is a fine scratch remover; it's not very aggressive at all. Been using it on everything to include removing haze on car headlights.
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Old 05-19-2019, 03:38 PM
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Exactly there’s no point in fixing something that doesn’t need to be fixed

I don’t rememeber what polishing compound I used, but I used all of it! And it took a good while but it was well worth it.
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