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Nope.. no speed at all!

I mean really.. lowest available gear is 68:1 or such (no that's not a typo)
and highest ~14:1
and with the maximum allowed wheels (20") and max allowed 2k rpm
we talk 8.5 mph or such

next big issue:
it's meant to take a vertical shaft engine's CLUTCHED input from a V belt pulley
and as that the input shaft is 90 off the orientation you would need it to be..

so you'd have to mount the transaxle rotated along the axle by 90 to get the input shaft horizontal,
then rotate the engine 90 to line up the engine shaft with that.

all to install a manual clutch for hundredplus bucks
only to find out that those gears are NOT synced and it'll not shift too well on the fly
(it wants to be shifted when standing still)

So yeah...
terrible idea to install that on a go kart IMHO


PS there's the smaller 700 series with much nicer gear ratios internally.. still not exactly great but at least for a while it might add some fun (until its teeth fall out not being synced or meant to shift while moving at all)
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