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I got the supercharger in the mail today. Seems of decent quality. Unboxed the thing and got hit with a wave of gasoline smell. It was totally dry and it didn't seem like there had been gas on it, but it absolutely reeked. It was in a plastic bag and packed in sheets of foam, so it seemed well protected during transit. I looked inside at the rotors and they seemed fine, but I imagine it's hard to tell from the outside if they actually seal well. They had to ship it without gear oil, so I will add some 80W-90 when I intend to use it. I'm pretty happy with it for the price, but it remains to be seen how well it actually works. The other thing I noticed immediately is that it is heavy. It weighed in at around 9 lbs 8 oz, which is not to be trifled with. It really is pretty small in person, but it would add significant weight to whatever it was put on. It comes with a v-belt pulley attached. I'm not sure the dimensions of the belt it's supposed to accept, but it seemed pretty small, like the size of a push mower's drive belt. I spun it by hand a little and got the faintest breeze out one end, but there's a lot of weight to move around in the drive system. Seems like it will end up taking a bit of power at idle to spin, but it also doesn't have oil in the gear case, so adding it may help with the resistance. I'm excited to try getting it hooked up to something, and curious to see if anyone else has gotten/will get one and what they plan on doing with it. There has been a lot of theorizing but I'm not sure who has actually run one and with what degree of success. The setup here is gonna be crucial so I'm gonna think more on how to do this.

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