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Default Toyota Project

Hey guys, just through I would make a thread about my toyota pickup project to share what Iíve got going on. After I finished my kart last fall, I wanted a little bit bigger project, even though I love my kart. So I bought 3 whole vehicles and am mushing them all into one hopefully awesome pickup.

I bought a 1985 Mercedes 300D for $1200. I bought it solely for the engine, which is a mechanical injection 5 cylinder 3.0L turbo diesel (OM617).

I bought a 1980 toyota pickup for $700. It runs and drives with the 4 speed and 20R gas engine, but it is tired and gutless. All I am using it the body (if anybody wants toyota straight axles, let me know!)

Lastly, I bought a 1978 chevy K10 long bed (no engine) for $750 with the SM465 4 speed manual and NP205 transfer case, 4 inch lift springs, 4.11s, and a posi in the rear. I am using the frame, axles, and tranny/t-case off of the chevy.

I will cut the frame way down, drop the diesel in, put the toyota body on, and build a flatbed for it. It is a very large project and I am shooting for having it driving next spring sometime. First two pics are the Benz and Diesel engine, third is the toyota (I am going to repaint for sure!) and last two are the K10 (it is just a bare frame now)
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