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Default 2018 - Manco Dingo suspension & a little extra

My mom happened to be going out of town for a meeting and was passing a Tractor Supply that had the flux I needed so she picked some up for me.

So today I finished welding the hinges, motor mount support, support bar, one pillow bearing mount, and the back of the seat and cleaned them all up. Thereís still a few places I want to hit with a flap disk when I get one though. I also took a belt sander and sanded parts of the hinges joint so that they wouldnít rub too much.

I can definitely tell that Iím getting a little better at welding, which is good. I also got the air filter in today, ordered the wheel hub mounts and brake pads(amazon), and ordered the brake hub mount(eBay) because the one I had from the junk atv wouldnít work unless I drilled through my new $50 axle.

Itís definitely coming along, but thereís still much to do. Iím thinking if I can get up early when itís not hot out(7:00), and itís not going to rain, for a few days that I can get it done(except paint) in about 1 1/2 weeks because Iíve got work and itís been raining quite a bit recently.

Iím hoping that the way I welded the pillow bearing mounts on will provide enough support.

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