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Check the Ironton Engine thread. The word of a fellow DIY member that says they're good and Predator performance parts bolt right in is fine by me. This is the 200cc(?) Ironton engine we are discussing, btw.

Someone else will know maybe, but there's basically two kinds of single-seat Dingoes of the kind one sees in your photos; the 285/286 Dingo which is I guess a smaller frame based on the American Express chassis, and a larger model that has a bigger frame, beefier strengthening gussets (with lightening holes) on the front spindle arms, a few other features to beefen up the chassis and usually a trailer hitch of all things. The latter model is obviously intended as a quasi-service vehicle meant for some light ranch or farm duty and sort of marketed to adults.

I don't recall the model number of this larger specimen.

$700? That seller is high on drugs.
$500? Still high.

$300 is the most I'd pay for that pile of junk. Lovable junk but still junk. Now if it was a pristine "cream puff", ridden once and stored for 20 years... maybe a little more cash but not much.
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