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Default Tracksled / Snowdog help please

Long time looker and first time poster here. I live in the land of 10,000 lakes (MN) and looking to build a homemade Tracksled/Sleddog from an existing vintage Arctic Cat snowmobile.

The thread above an youtube video has given me inspiration and I just wanted some other peoples thoughts on my build list. I am looking for torque vs. speed for this project to haul my gear and myself and 2 kids around. I know gearing is going to be my biggest issues and the list below is my guesstimate as to what I plan on using for this build and the cost.

I am planning on buying the sled this weekend, so I don't know what gearing it has, but my intentions are to use the 6.5HP Predator with a 2:1 Wet clutch as someone mentioned on the above thread and mount a gear in the existing snowmobile jackshaft.

I've got mediocre mechanical skills and tools, grinders, saw, welder, space in my garage, a lot of beer and a can do attitude.

Can anybody point out any flaws they see with my list or idea before I buy the sled this weekend and tackle this project? Is the 6.5HP Predator paired with a 2:1 Wet clutch a good option or should I plan on doubling my budget for a larger engine and CVT?

As long as it moves faster than my feet and is reliable is what I am aiming for.

Vintage Arctic Cat Snowmobile -$50
6.5 Harbor Freight Engine $120
2:1 Reduction Gearbox Kit for Honda 6.5HP GX200 Engine (22mm) $129
Engine Mounting Plate 8-3/4'' x 7-3/4'' with Lips - $13
Throttle Linkage Kit for 6.5HP Clone / GX160 or GX200 Engine - $9
Throttle Cable - $10
Brake Cable -$10
Jackshaft Sprocket $10
Metal tubing to build frame - $50
Misc tools and equipment $100
Use the handle bars , existing Jackshaft and gear case from the snowmobile.

Click image for larger version

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