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Hey guys, I havenít had much time to be on the forum for a long time, just figured I would update you all and try to get back on here more often! Iíve done a lot since last spring on my project. Motor mounts are done, shortened the frame 20Ē, took the cab off of the toyota frame, stripped the interior, cut the firewall, set the toyota cab on the chevy frame. There were all sorts of little things in between of course. Itís got some serious stance! The 35Ē tires arenít going to be big enough though I can see.

Iím going to have to get creative with the front end, the frame sits quite a ways below the grill. Iíll figure out some sort of bumper or winch or something so hopefully it looks okay. I will cut the front 6Ē and the rear 6Ē off of the frame, just to shorten it up as much as I possibly can. Flatbed design is coming along as well, i plan on doing metal frame and edges with a wood deck.
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