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oh mini bike 80cc.. my fault..
I was thinking pitbike for some reason (maybe the 80cc confused me..)

Anywhoo, clutch needs to be oiled occasionally, sure, gearbox there is none
(neither are front brakes obviously )

but that still keeps me wondering:
How on earth can you fly over the handlebars if the frontwheel is NOT locking up?
(if by a faulty bearing or a pithole it dives into doesn't matter)

But that might explain why the engine is shutting off when it's falling over..
the low oil sensor is kicking in in case it's still active
(such things do not exist on pit bikes)

No matter how sudden you lock the rear wheel, as long as the drivers hips are behind and/or below the handlebar it'd be hard to go flying...

I don't want to ask to videotape your kid crashing again,
since I do not want your kid crashing again for obvious reasons
But I'm somehow unable to imagine what's happening there.

The good news is:
if it's in fact caused by the low oil sensor it'll be gone once you disabled that thing,
(I think it's the result not the cause tbh)
but it's easy to check and resolve.


PS tell your kids to keep their center of mass below and behind the handlebar especially on rough terrain.
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