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brake levers as throttle on a bike?
Mac you are a madman!

single piece clamps also work (hinge style for sure, cheap press-sheet maybe not as easily)
IIRC Kelly used thumb / lever throttles
almost exclusively on his karts.

The main problem with it is how to safely route the throttle cable,
it needs to have enough slack to not bind the steering of course and tied away
so you do not kink/rip it when you try get in or out the kart..
you must avoid sharp corners or it'll be tough to manipulate
(especially for kids with less finger strength than your average adult male)

And you still need the throw of to fully open the butterfly of course.

You may want to take a look at Kelly's thread (KartRods)
Sarge II is the first image of a lever throttle I found.
unfortunately you don't see much routing

There are even commercially available karts that use throttle levers
that rear suspended whatsitcalled UK kart comes to mind... uhm drifter? Kazuma drifter?
something alike...

lever over thumb I'd say
on a kart at least.

And on a bike, twistgrip over thumbthrottle and thumbthrottle over lever
(oh the mayhem when you want to stop and throttle up by mistake)
hehe sorry mac.. but a brake lever is weird to be used as a throttle on a bike, you have to agree

Jokes about german sausage are the wurst.
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