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As long as you filter waste veggie oil enough times (several coffee filters and anything that's a bit finer than that), you can run that stuff straight in that engine. So basically free fuel (but expensive), may need to change oil more frequently. So if you go to a few family outings where they are using veggie oil to cook, you have free (to you) fuel. That's the main benefit to any mechanically injected diesel engine. One trick I learned from other forums on diesels swaps, mainly with mechanically injected engines (OM616, OM617, Cummins 6BT, 4BT, Isuzu 4BD1T, VW 1.6 IDI), you'll want to mix in about a quart of 2 stroke oil into each tank of diesel. Modern Ultra Low Sulfur diesel, does not give much in lubrication properties for older mechanical lift and injection pumps. So you add some 2 stroke motor oil to it, everything gets lubricated better and tends to quiet things down a bit. Even run a bit of Power Service too or a Cetane booster to help a bit as well.
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