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Originally Posted by Ebrownie View Post
Bought 2 smallish (around 2 ft tall) oxygen tanks for an oxy-acetalyne setup and also an old edger type thing with a 2 horse Briggs on it for $40 total. The tanks have air in them, although I haven't hooked a regulator up to them yet. The Briggs has some compression, but doesn't run. I'll clean it up and see if it will run.
I have one with a 2 hp Honda, but it's missing the cap for the gas tank...ever price one of those? Weedikiculous!

I might have to fabricate something. I can do that. I was once stranded on a desert island, and I built a raft to get back to civilization....I put a fat guy, a goofy first mate, a billionaire, and his wife on it...and it went just far enough, so they couldn't swim back to shore! (They don't call me "the Professor " for nothing!) I was left with Ginger and Mary Ann.

Wait! is there a Gilligans Island marathon on...( I just woke up!)