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Have you tried a local parts store? Need a credit card but free tool loans. Or.

Stock is press fit. If your gonna be playing around, cam swaps, adjustable crank gears...
What I'm getting at is maybe you can find a way to machine the crank journal to make the bearing a slip fit.
It was a common practice. Chuck it in an engine lathe, or big azz drill press.

For installation, if you don't go the slip fit route. Freeze the crank and heat the bearing.

Just get some liquid nitrogen and an induction heater for your bearing.
Just kidding, but that is ideal.

Maybe you can source some dry ice and safely heat up some oil. DO NOT ASK YOUR MOTHER. In my experience most don't dig that action. Mine was different she was an electronics genius and boiled carburetors in her spare time.

By the way, I must say it is great fun to freeze a twizzler in liquid nitrogen and watch it shatter. Even the crankiest curmudgeon gets a kick out of it.

If worse comes to worse (cost prohibitive, whatever) I have a pile of cranks (slip fit) and would be willing to trade, you cover shipping. Just an option.
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