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Double radiators wouldn't be hard, but why? I'd run one radiator with an electric fan, less plumbing and parts to replace later on down the line. When I said roll cage, I meant a roll hoop isn't going to help much, if you gear it correctly you are very capable of 80+ mph, unless you reinforce everything from the ground up, and do a full cage for structure and weight, I think you are begging for trouble! Even 1" live axles have been bent, unless you use some sort of cv shaft as an axle from a car, even then you may twist the axle, frame, yourself ect. As much as I dislikecarsandcameras on youtube, check out their crosskart, might shed some light on what you have to look forward to, I doubt this will be a cheap build to say the least! Not to mention the small fortune you will spend on tires at $200 a set on average. Your frame doesn't have the overall size to accommodate the clutch from the snow machine either from what I can see.