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Thank you!

To me that valve cover looks like the dull hemi one from what little we can see of it,
but truth is.. should've noticed that the 196s have a different shroud than the 212s
my fault!


As I said you want to gear much lower, in order to find the sweet spot of your engine;
it should rev 7k++ rpms and that means it's peak torque is likely around 4500 or so rpms.
(ask studz if they can give you a better estimate)
And that is where the fat lady sings in this opera.
Something you surely do not want to miss out on.

I'd say upwards of 55 teeth is what you want (56, 57, 58 such)
since you have a 60T.. go with that!

And while it surely is slower at any given rpm up to 3800 rpms than the 38T,
it's what follows that will make a huge difference.
Not only you should be able to easily hit speeds above 70mph
(again with 20 horses nearly 80mph are doable)
you will also have the torque to get up to the rpms that are necessary to reach such speed.

let's just say 7k rpm.... 73mph is still a scary amount considering the mini bike thingy you sit on.

KartInfo by

RW diameter: 19 in | 48.26 cm Total weight: 436.51 lbs | 198 kg
Original HP: 20 Asummed HP: ~20 Torque: 15.01 ft lbf | 20.35 Nm RPM: 7000
Final ratio: 6:1 TC type: series 30 6" driven Lowest ratio: 16.2:1 Highest ratio: 5.4:1
Max Wheel Torque: 243.15 ft lbf | 329.67 Nm Min Wheel Torque: 81.05 ft lbf | 109.89 Nm Acceleration: 12.86 ft/sē | 3.92 m/sē Top Speed: 73.27 mph | 117.92 km/h
5.7:1 @ 7200 rpms -> 79.3ish mph (very close to the limit!)
or if your engine does not rev that high (doubt it)
5.4:1 @ 6800 rpms -> 79.09 mph
5.2:1 @ 6500 rpms -> 78.5 mph

And yeah.. my point hasn't changed.. if all you can reach is 55mph, then all you have is 7.4horses
(I think that's about what you do have @3800 rpms tbh.. until the fat lady starts singing )

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