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Default Howdy from Magnolia, Texas

Hi all, I have 3 go karts..well, my kids each have one and my wife does. Lol the neest one I'm working on is a manco 720L-06..gray..has asubaru/Robin 9hp motor on it. Bought it 2 days ago and finally got it started and driving today..steering is real squirrely still and the front end sits way lower than my other manco I have that's similar..thinking shocks are wore out..the front end was wrecked nm*noticed they put atms on backwards) and we rebuilt/rewelded the suspension arms back to almost identical as the other kart. But it just sits way bottom out put a new magneto in the subaru/Robin motor and new carb..previous owner said it was just a bad plug, but my test light showed no spark.. new ignition switch comming in the mail in a couple days..lots of rambling on but that's me