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OH the fricking h3!! ..

Yes I can identify that kart (or say I'm 99% sure)

that is likely one of the most collectible vintage race karts in history..
A 1961 R1 McCulloch

Whatever you do, do not cut or weld to the frame,
if you can do NOT repaint it..

instead do the best cleanup possible and resell it to a collector
you're locking at about a 600+ right there
if those are the original wheels maybe even more...
with seat padding and the engine mount untouched maybe 900 even
looks like it's still the original tank ...
now an old Mc10 engine would be needed and you can sell that for 1500 or more.

Personally: I'd keep it, restore it and drool over it until my wife hits me with a stick
and most certainly would NOT let a kid anywhere near it, certainly not on a race track.
crashing that kart bending the frame would be a desaster!

DO NOT destroy that piece of karting history by repainting it pink,
or cutting/welding to the frame,
even drilling a single hole in the chassis is blasphemic!
Putting a four stroke engine on it is blasphemic and should be avoided at all costs!

Yes.. if it indeed is an R1 McCulloch... (JandJ? care to correct or confirm?)
it's indeed that much of a collectors item.

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