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I appreciate the replies, information and advice. I'm thinking about going the 9 tooth jackshaft route. However, I have a 60 tooth rear sprocket and some extra chain. So, I may just give that a try. Bike is stripped down for now as I am testing everything including exhaust. Overall plans are to fabricate a real gas tank, new fenders, seat setup, etc.... However, I'm not doing anything until I get it running correctly.

Here are some pics. You can see the 50 stamp on the rear sprocket. Looked in my notes, the belt in the pictures probably has 12 hours of hard testing on it.

I've talked to individuals at two well known mini bike shops indicating that they are seeing 6,500 RPMs running Trailmaster mini bikes with built 212 engines and TAVs. They also claim to be getting into 40-45 MPH range easily with Stage 1 engines with stock gearing. Some say they are running 60 tooth rear sprockets, other says 36/38 tooth rear sprockets. One claim was with a Predator 212 and a Stage 4 engine build, TAV with 146 gram weights and white garter springs, 36/38 tooth rear sprocket and 240 lbs. rider, they are seeing 6,500 RPMs and 64 MPH. I'm not disputing anyone's claims. I'm just trying to make sense of it based on my actual testing results.
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