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It has to be the torque converter/gearing (not necessarily a bad converter) . 41mph at 5k rpms is not in the .9 overdrive range with 19” tires and 50-10 sprockets. I’m not as knowledgeable as SID but I would try 2 things if it was my bike.

The first thing I would do is change to a 9 tooth sprocket. On one of my karts with a 6” driver (Heavy Kart) I was hitting 37mph max. According to my gearing and tire size I should have been about 5mph faster. I dropped the jackshaft sprocket down one size and increased driven to 7” (both lower top speed) The result was the same mph as before with much more torque. The difference was now the mph I reached matched the mathematical speed calculation. Basically my gearing and weight were not allowing me to fully get into overdrive.

2nd thing is get a fresh cheap ($20) driver and see if anything changes. I’d personally do the 9t first. Available on Amazon from Azusa for about $14.
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