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I thought that I posted list of answers to ITSID's questions yesterday morning?

Tire size is 19"
Governor has been removed from engine as I'm running a genuine Mikuni VM22 -133 carb with 20 pilot and 140 main jet.

Combined weight of bike and rider is 340 lbs.
Flywheel is ARC with 32 degrees advance.
Jackshaft sprocket is 10 tooth and rear sprocket is 50 tooth.

Running CS 265 cam. I talked to Dyno Cam personnel and they indicated that @5500 RPMs, I'm just starting to get into the power curve of the cam. I need to run in the 6500 RPM range to get to power curve.

Chinese TAV that was standard on the mini bike when purchased. Running 146g weights and white springs in the drive unit. Driven unit spring is in 3rd hole, delayed opening of driven. With stock weights and white springs in drive unit, the best that I've gotten with RPM was 5,000 RPM @ 41 MPH.

RPMs are measured using a tach. MPH is calculated using a GPS in my phone. I've tested both the tach and GPS for accuracy against other units and they are all producing results at approximately 99.7% of each other. Example, one GPS unit shows 45.1 MPH the other 45.0. One tach showed @ 5500 RPMs, the other @ 5480 RPMs as max RPMs.

I appreciate any and all assistance. Thanks in advance.

I'll add some pictures later.