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easy to find out..
easy to tell if you can/should change the ratio..
if the TAV is in overdrive at full speed (best clip an actioncam at your front frame and have it point towards the uncovered TAVKit.
That'll show you if you reach overdrive and can be held there.

if it cannot be held in overdrive you are lacking torque.
and thus should not gear any higher (youd be slowing down instead)
instead you can try to gear ever so slightly lower to keep the torque,
sometimes when you're right on the edge a lower gearing indeed results
in higher top speeds since the engine can rev to higher rpms.

hows the ignition timing? non-adjustable ARC flywheel? [i.e. 8 advanced]
or what?

I think we'd need a wheelsize and total weight (you and bike)
to get a better calculataion.

what I don't understand is why someone wants 4000 rpm pass unused
to use nothing but the upcoming 1500,
especially since all that does is ruining the belt.. exact same ratio with a lower engagement speed is as fast maybe a hair quicker but much easier on the belt.

I'da lso check for takeoff speed tbh..
since that's a very important value most ignore entirely..
"but I want 60mph" so the kart has to go @ 40mph the instant I hit the throttle since I only have 1400 rpm to work with (sounds familiar?)

So.. if I'm not mistaking the MB200 has a 19" rear wheel..
that makes a 5:1 geared engine @4000 rpm 50+mph fast! (in overdrive)
and you need ~20mph to even fully engage the clutch)
so you just burn the belt until you reach 20mph essentially..

swap to the stock weights, that'll drop engagement speed to 3100 rpm with the white garter springs that'll drop the engagement speed to 14.some mph which I say is a much nicer value

Post a pic of your belt please.. I'd love to see how it held up to your abuse.

How you got the rpms read btw..
since frankly if you haven't cracked the 50mph yet..
you couldn't have revved up to 4k rpm yet
you sure the governor is removed?
since 45mph very much sounds like it is intact

(top speed @3600 rpm and 5:1 ratio tavkit on 19" wheels means 45.22 mph... rings a bell?)

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