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Originally Posted by 5814SpeedCo View Post
Sounds like we have the same wife. I wanted to make this Manco Dingo into a one seater monster buggy, now its a getting converted to a two seater monster buggy and still keeping with the ATV suspension front and rear. Lots to build on it!

I definitely see potential in yours and look forward to seeing more!
Having a second person on board is WAY more fun, having turns at a obstacle or just sharing the experience.
The other advantage of having a second person on board is help with pushing it back home!!

I cant wait to see your finished project...

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Originally Posted by Denny View Post
In other words you are making it "PRINCESS APPROVED"
My girlfriend when she wants to ride something mini bike or whatever she just kicks the kids off of it and rides it.
Putting a roll cage on that will make those Lions work for that meal kinda like one of those dog chew toys with treats in the middle. Seriously you do some of the coolest builds.

Thanks for the comments Denny, the challenge is always pushing through and finishing a project.
Its the last 15% that always tends to derail an entire plan.

This one i WILL finish !!