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Originally Posted by mrdeadman1 View Post
ok thanks, the shafts are both straight one is model number 130212 and one is 130207. I was told the on tank carb is junk and I think they are ugly so may switch it out
The de facto standard for this hobby is a shaft that's 3/4" diameter and about 2 1/2" long in order to mount centrifugal clutches or a torque converter (TAV), although there are ($$$) options if you have a 1" diameter shaft.

All these small engine carburetors eventually get ruined by neglect, water in the fuel, by stale fuel residues and by ethanol in the gasoline which draws moisture out of the air and contaminates the fuel over time.

I have cleaned more than a few carbs that were otherwise junk. Rewarding work.
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