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Originally Posted by itsid View Post
but you are aware of the leg-cage, right?

Take a look at that build log again..
watch jr. in the kart...

You think you can fit your legs in a cage half the width and half the height without some contortionist training at a chinese circus?

the Appeal of the Atom comes from it's airy appeal and it's nice proportions.
(I still don't like it too much, but it's a well made design I must admit)

so you shouldn't make it too small
IDK how much margin there is to use even smaller tubing,
and you cannot not scale the tubes or you are about to lose that airy birdcage (TM Maserati ) flair
and messing up the proportions (to allow for more leg room) is also a nono IMHO.

So yeah.. be very aware or you end up with a huge RC car instead

I have a 4ft long kart with 3ft for your legs and I haven't to do some crazy contortionist stuff to get into it.
Give a wrench long enough and WD-40, and I can remove the world's rusty bolts.
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