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Rounded up some wheels that will work up front

They are off a (super heavy duty) old fun kart.

They have Timken style roller bearings that were for a 3/4" spindle.

All my karts have 5/8" spindles.

These bearings look pretty krusty anyways

So, I'll just get new ones

Two days later

...still can't find these (stupid) bearings with a 5/8" ID anywhere

So, Plan B

...clean 'em up with petroleum based solvent (gasoline)

..& add 5/8" ID x 3/4" OD bushings

But, the bushings don't seem to fit in the bearing too good

...have ta do the old freez'em trick

...shrink 'em up a bit & tap 'em in with a block of wood

Yup, that'll work
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