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Rear wheels

(2) 6" x 4" split steel rims

(2) tubes (split rims don't hold air too good)

(2) 15 x 6.00 / 6 tires

Take 'em apart (rim halves)

Insert a tube into a tire

air it up a bit (so it can't get pinched between rim halves during assembly)

use soapy water around the tire bead, so the rim will slide into tire (also aids assembly)

put valve stem thru hole in rim

stand up, add second rim half (aligning bolt holes)

insert bolts with lock washers & nuts

torque 'em down good

air it up to ~15 lbs. psi

then release the pressure/deflate (so tube can self align)

Air it back up to ~15 lbs. psi

...& done
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