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Originally Posted by The Repairist View Post
I will most definitely sound like a huge idiot for this, but are harbor freight tires a okay substitute for others?
OK, I just returned from the HF website. All tires are listed for hand trucks, dollies, wheel barrows, and lawn mowers. All of those items do travel 5 mph or less so I would say NO. IF they have a tire listed under GO KART, then it must be a better quality tire, but they don't. DON'T use a tire for which it wasn't intended and then call it junk. On a hand truck or lawn mower, it might last 3 or so years. I suggest searching your local areas for off road atv tires that were intended to be beaten upon buy something that travels 20 mph or so. Hope that helps.... I sure feel better now..... BTW, my favorite all around tire is pictured below. I will keep looking for this tire that I hear is discontinued.............
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