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Originally Posted by JTSpeedDemon View Post
You mean scrub brakes. My kart has that.
Disc brakes are generally the best in braking systems. Oh gosh, I'm sounding like a salesman.
You may have a concession kart, like the kind you can rent at an amusement park.
We need better pictures! Pull it out of the garage into the daylight, take off the body and show pics of the chassis.
Look for numbers or identification plates.
Will post more later today

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Originally Posted by BigWes View Post
As far as whether or not something is or isn't 'worth it' is many times a question that can only be answered by the person holding the wallet. So answer your question. Is it? Is this something you want to build into a riding machine and how does it all work together with any budget you may or may not have? Is it something you want to try and somewhat restore then you may not want to change it at all. But whatever you decide someone here can surely give you well placed guidance. Good luck!
Cool thing is i have a live axle kit and a decent welder to use. I also have a 250cc 5 speed engine that i can shove in with a harness for lights and accessories. . But im just wondering if it would be worth it for fun riding to keep the predator. Or go the shifter route. But id like to find replacement parts if necessary.

My main concern with the engine swap is me needing to move the wheels further back.making me cut the body panels which i like the way they are.