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Originally Posted by Steve920 View Post
Very welcoming feeling from a moderator.. I'm assuming you have seen this.
No I haven't (I don't watch much gokart related stuff on ebay actually.. odd I know )
so thanks for sharing.. that is indeed quite promising looking.

And in fact it's the first time I see such setup in action;
and the first time it was actually shown here on DIYGK as far as I know.

it'll be a bit tougher to maintain (putting the drylube on the rollers every couple of hours) but that's a minor price to pay IMHO.

And while it's easy to make something look working on youtube that actually isn't;
I doubt these guys are cheating;
looks like they really are just having fun with it!

It doesn't show all that I am worried about
(how much of the shaft is actually supporting the fixed sheave and such..)
So yeah, give it a try..
I'd still like to ask you to post some of your results if I may..
and a picture of driver mounted but not yet bolted on perhaps

a bit of first hand experience we can point follow up users to always helps

Originally Posted by Dingocat View Post
He wants to see yours.
Nah, I just wanted to see one ideally from a trustworthy source
and last time I tried (some weeks ago)
I wasn't able to find any video showing it working.
(too narrow search terms I guess)


PS Oh.. what did I say to upset you? asking for larger images that show more details?
Jokes about german sausage are the wurst.